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Sports Massage Therapy

I predominantly provide sports massage to triathletes and climbers. As an avid climber and cyclist myself I know exactly what those pumped forearms and quads need!

I using various techniques on the soft tissue and muscles from assisted stretches and fascial work to deep tissue and trigger point therapy to treat not only existing injuries and for injury prevention, but to also treat chronic pain sometimes without a known cause. I work on trying to get to the root of ongoing aches and pains or discomfort which can cause great misery that many of us tend to just put up with, or in a sense learn to live with even though it affects our quality of life. Some may feel they have exhausted all treatment avenues without success and not know which way to turn. I work in an holistic way viewing both the physical body and the emotional state of mind as connected. So many symptoms of chronic pain can be associated to one's general well being, for this reason as well as treating the symptoms it is usually beneficial to look at other aspects in your life that may be affecting your well being such as your physical activity and diet. 

Myofascial Release

Our fascial network is what is otherwise known as 'connective tissue' that runs through every organ and muscle in the body like webbing. Myofascia is a fibrous structure made up of a combination of collagen and elastin which is surrounded by a fluid called ground substance. This ground substance works much like a shock absorber for the body. When our fascia is exposed to stress of any kind be it physical or emotional it can tense up and stay that way causing tightness throughout the muscles.

Myofascial Release is a specialised treatment used on the soft tissue to release restrictions and adhesions that have developed within the myofascia, that could be causing limitations of movement. The techniques used will assist the fascia in returning to its pliable, hydrated state and enable our body to heal itself naturally. The treatment itself will involve very gentle pressure and no medium such as oil or massage wax. The movement is a very subtle, almost just like stretching the skin but over a period of time. The time element is crucial as it gives the fascia time to 'melt' so that it can re position itself to a normal healthy state. The time required for this is between 3-5 minutes so be patient, relax and just tune in to how your body feels.

For some images of living human myofascia take a look at this YouTube clip

Personal Fitness Training

The personal training I provide will help you increase your overall fitness making day to day life much easier, using functional exercises and different intensity training depending on your goals. Whatever level you are at, whether that be a complete beginner where exercise is concerned,

someone returning to exercise after a break or an experienced fitness fan needing some additional structure and motivation to up your game, I can tailor a personalized program to suit you and help you achieve your goals. This can take place at your home or we can meet with in any number of open space locations in Sussex really making the most of our sea air and local countryside. Alternatively if you are a member of a gym and would prefer to use equipment you are familiar with I can usually meet you there with prior arrangement with your club.

Nutritional Guidance and weight Management

Atkins Diet, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Paleo, Slim-Fast, Lighter Life, Herbalife, Dukan, 5:2... Like most people at some point or another you have probably tried a few if not all of them. Some of them ridiculous others more appear more promising, most will work in the short term but NONE of them will be sustainable long term! Yo-yo dieting exists because of these false promises.

If you are fed up of feeling overweight and lethargic, not feeling as good about yourself as you could then I can help. No gimmicks, no syns, no points or starving yourself just straight forward education on how to maintain consistent weight loss by following a HEALTHY DIET coupled with some low intensity exercise. Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring or bland in fact the complete opposite is usually experienced as you may end up trying foods and flavours you never realised were out there. Salubrious Living's three week course will help you understand nutrition. You will learn what your body needs, how much and how often and help you build a healthy relationship with food. You will have access to delicious new recipes whatever your cuisine preference and most important of all I will be here to support you throughout. I will only be a phone call or email away if you are having 'one of those days' and just need some encouragement. I am dedicated to providing a friendly and personal 1-2-1 service so you don't have make those changes on your own. Just remember NO DIET CAN DO WHAT HEALTHY EATING CAN!

"A Helping Hand"

I run a project across East and West Sussex that provides groups to educate and support young people and their families.

The basis of the talks that are given are nutrition and how we feel or as I like to say "food & mood". However because things aren't always as simple as just knowing what we should and shouldn't eat to feel good, the discussions tend to be broader and cover friendships, self confidence & self esteem, drugs, alcohol, bullying, peer pressure and difficult home lives etc.. These are all things that affect our overall health & wellbeing and things young people can need extra support with. Weight management is also covered if that is relevant to the group, or maybe it is more their relationship with food that needs to be explored. Either way these talks are a great way for young people to learn how to take back control of their health, ask questions and talk openly in a safe environment and feel supported.

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