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'A Helping Hand'

"In my experience of working with young people in a teaching environment it became apparent that there is just so much more to nutrition and well-being than just eating your greens!"

About the project

We run a project across East and West Sussex that provide tailored groups to educate and support young people and their families in schools and in the community. We also work with other groups such as those recovering from drug and alcohol misuse and women experiencing PND as nutrition plays a big part in being well again.

The basis of the talks that are given is nutrition and how we feel or as I like to say "food & mood". However because things aren't always as simple as just knowing what we should and shouldn't eat to feel good the discussions tend to be broader and cover friendships, self confidence & self esteem, drugs, alcohol, bullying, peer pressure and difficult home lives etc.. These are all things that affect our overall health & well-being and things young people can need extra support with.

Weight management is also covered if that is something relevant to the group or maybe their relationship with food needs to be explored. Either way these talks are a great way for people to learn how to take back control of their health, ask questions and talk openly in a safe environment and feel supported.

Who is this service for?

  • Children 5-17yrs
  • Women experiencing post natal depression (PND)
  • People recovering from drug and alcohol misuse
  • Anyone who would benefit from knowing more about what good nutrition is and how it has an impact on the way we feel

How our groups can help?

We have worked with children from primary age through to late teens in schools and in the community providing support and advice on how to become a more confident person, able to make good food choices that will keep them feeling well physically and mentally.

Women experiencing PND can find making time and drumming up motivation to eat well difficult, so receiving some practical advice can be a big step in taking control of their physical health and mental health at a time when they need it most.

People that are in the recovery stage of previously using drugs and or alcohol are particularly vulnerable to a poor diet which in turn can without a doubt affect the way they feel and the choices they make. There are many physical ailments and symptoms related to poor nutrition that can quite easily be overlooked due to the drug or alcohol use such as unexplained pain in the limbs and eyesight problems.

Interested in us running a group in your area?

If you are interested in finding out more about the groups themselves or having a group run in your area or establishment then please get in touch. You can do so through the website contact page, email us at [email protected] or just give us a call on 07990 973 558

This is a tailored service so if you are uncertain if we can help the group you have in mind then please just ask.

Who do we work with?

Mind, Mental health workers, Schools, Think Families, Ravenscourt Recovery Centre, Members of the public...


What do people think of our groups?

"Very useful, really nice lady with a warm personality and passionate about the subject which rubs off" - Katie

"Lots of useful stuff... knowing the right drinks and food to have is helpful. So are the handouts as I can read through them again" - Nick

"Very good, flowed well, interesting, friendly approach" - Gav

"Very informative" - Kate

"Interesting to see how much sugar is in the food and drink we have" - Lurette